Hi. I’ve been working on parts of this story for the paper I write for. Just wanted to add— the train cars didn’t explode, there was a controlled burn of the dangerous chemicals inside 4-5 of the cars. It went on for 1-2 days. It was either they burn it off or they were going to explode sending shrapnel everywhere. All in all, this is absolutely devastating.

Trump plans to visit on Feb. 22. Erin Brockovich will be at the Town Hall meeting on Feb. 24th. I’ll be reporting on that— along with talking to other residents.

Legacy media in my area has been covering the train derailment, meetings, interviews, pet deaths, burning skin due to showering, and the devastating effects to local businesses and it’s towns people extensively— but, it’s not being shared everywhere.

Stories and information has been changing hour by hour. It’s alot to cover and overwhelming. I also live 15 miles away.

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Lucky for me, Im hanging out just north of there tomorrow for Story Night.

Anecdote: my driveway crossed the railroad tracks when I was a kid. My bedroom was about 35 feet from them. I miss being able to sleep through anything.

Chuck has predicted several things. It happens when youre tuned in with the æther. Were you at the reading when I shared the sexual misadventure I brought to life?

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